John Deere 1910 Commodity Air Cart

John Deere’s new product lines aim to satisfy the increased demand from farming with the John Deere 1910 Commodity Air Cart. Efficient farming has always been a priority at John Deere.

The introduction of the larger John Deere 1910 Commodity Air Cart to the John Deere air seeding line for 2013 will appease farmers, as the new 550-bushel tow-behind 1910 carts give operators the ability to accurately apply fertilizer and seed with fewer required stops to refill the machinery.

One John Deere specialist noted that the new, larger John Deere 1910 Commodity Air Cart helps expedite several processes for farmers , increasing yields and allowing farmers to consolidate resources elsewhere.

“For all of our larger John Deere carts, customers have a choice of a 10-inch auger or 12-inch conveyor for loading product in the cart. For the 550 cart, we have beefed up the front axles and made available larger, dual-caster front wheels to handle the added weight,” said Aubrey Grove, product specialist at John Deere Seeding.

The company also looked to satisfy the demands of hay and forage producers, as John Deere released several new mowing options to its line of products for 2013 to accommodate the needs of American farmers.

Because of the new models, hay and livestock producers will be able to mow with more efficiency and increase their performance in the field. When combined with John Deere tractors that have 125 horsepower or higher, John Deere’s goal of efficient farming becomes a reality.

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