This excerpt was originally posted on the John Deere, Straightforward Blog May 20, 2011. You can view the original post here.

At Straightforward blog, we strive to be a reliable hub for technology updates, business resources and news on emissions standards for off-road vehicles. Over the past several months we’ve covered a variety of topics specific to Interim Tier 4 that we hope you’ve found useful. Following is a look back at some of our most viewed posts and popular IT4 topics of discussion.

1. Our top strategies for owners and operators to create an emissions compliance plan for success: Taking the First Steps Towards Interim Tier 4 Compliance

2. Mike Osenga, publisher of Diesel Progress and Diesel Progress International and president of Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications, shares his perspective on Interim Tier 4 engine technologies: SCR vs EGR Mike Osenga of Diesal Progress Shares His Thoughts

3. The first installment of our glossary of terms commonly used when speaking about emissions, broken down in your language to help you better understand the new IT4 requirements and their impact: Interim Tier 4 101 Key Terms to Know

4. Our top 10 questions to ask OEMs:  Top 10 Questions to ask OEMs at CONEXPO-CONAGG

5. Diesel Engine Regeneration 101: Regeneration broken down to help alleviate your concerns and better understand its impact on IT4 engine machine operation:  VIDEO Diesal Engine Regeneration 101

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