Pawn Stars, The History Channel’s most popular show and one of the highest rated shows on television today has seen its fair share of odd, old and interesting objects. Owned by Rick Harrison and opened by his Father “Old Man” in the late 80s, the two have a successful business with help from Corey Harrison, Rick’s son, and his friend Chumlee. From a shrunken Amazonian head (which turned out to be a fake), a lottery ticket signed by George Washington himself and Russian missile launch keys, it’s no wonder that everyone can find something they like about Pawn Stars. And John Deere is no exception.

Recently, in season three, a man named Paris brought in a 1937 Model A tractor. John Deere manufactured the popular two-cylinder Model A tractor from 1934 to 1953. Knowing that anything John Deere is highly collectible, especially a classic unit built in the 1930’s, Paris was looking to receive $5000 for the tractor.Although the tractor was in decent shape for its age, it wasn’t operable and would have to be restored and the cost of that could easily pile up.

Rick, Chumlee and The Old Man had an interest in Paris’ Model A and decided to take a look at it. “Although it was no longer running, the original factory spoke wheels were still in place as well as all the original parts. Despite the tractor being in good shape with original parts and features, Rick, the Old Man and Chumlee balked at Paris’ $5000 offer. Since the tractor wasn’t operable and knowing that the tractor would have to be restored either by a collector or the shop, Rick offered Paris $2000 for the tractor.  Reconditioning the tractor could cost up to $8000 to make it a valuable collector’s item.

Paris passed on Rick’s offer of $2000 and decided to keep the tractor.  Rick might have been able to make a profit of a couple  thousand dollars after buying the tractor and having it restored.  Do you think the offer of $2000 was fair for the Model A based on its condition or should it have been another amount?  What if the tractor was already restored and in excellent condition?  Let us know in the comments below!

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