John Deere Fans

The evolution of a company is generally tracked by its ability to adjust to the latest technological advances and enhance their market presence through innovation and effective marketing. John Deere has done this for more than 175 years, and its recent social media push ensures that the next generation of John Deere fans will be able stay connected with the business.

As the brand saw its number of followers shoot past 1,000,000, it continued to update its page in order to provide resources and information about John Deere products and industry news.

When the company surpassed 1,000,000 followers it released a video from its fans around the world. The clip showed these enthusiasts sitting atop John Deere farm and construction equipment and holding signs that detailed a one-word phrase that acted as a summation of their love for the business.

Ranging from “fun” to “family” and posted in a variety of languages, fans from across the globe highlighted their love for the brand and its impact on their lives. Businessmen in Japan were featured in a slideshow right before an American farmer, highlighting the massive scope of John Deere’s influence on the world.

Aside from videos that highlight the level of interest and love from John Deere fans, the company provides a number of films that act as guides and educational pieces for people who have purchased or who are looking to buy products from the business. These tutorials allow anyone to gain a broader understanding of how to use farm and construction equipment.

For fans of the company who are looking on the website from more of an enjoyment perspective, there are plenty of activities and games, along with a series of photos featuring enthusiasts and their favorite John Deere equipment.

People can look through the product spotlight to see the news attachments and upgrades to their favorite models, or they can take a walk through history by voting for their favorite classic tractor from the company.

Posting comments and liking certain photos allow for an interactive experience for fans, as the company wants users to be able to share their opinions and speak about their experience.

John Deere has adjusted to the social media age by offering interactive tools for their fans and created a public forum to help the company shape their brand around their customers, a modern approach to the way the business has operated for years.

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