Lawn Maintenance

People who have used John Deere equipment know that having the machine in tip-top shape helps to increase the productivity and responsiveness of the product. Each spring, when people across the U.S. take their mower out of the garage, they should be using a model that is well-maintained and ready for action.

Whether someone is using one of John Deere’s X300 series models or the higher-end X700 ultimate lawn tractors, they need to pay close attention to their machine to make it last as long as possible and operate at its most efficient level.

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring is essential to many Americans who take pride in the appearance of their property, and they should be using the best equipment to keep their yard as green and as lush as possible.

A spring lawn preparation checklist for lawn equipment should be strictly adhered to, according to KOAT 7 News, as constant care for a machine allows an individual to save money on long-term operating costs and helps to avoid the need for a complete overhaul of the model.

“It’s like preventive medicine for your equipment,” Mike Barnett, Marketing Manager for Briggs & Stratton, said in a release. “For a few dollars and few minutes once a year, you can make your lawn mower last longer and run better.”

Benefits of a tune-up include:

• A savings in the amount of gasoline that it takes to run the mower/lawn tractor
• Extended mower/lawn tractor life and potential to limit the need for major repairs
• Reduces engine emissions because the machine will run cleaner
• A mower/tractor that starts quickly and runs smoothly at full power

There are a variety of items that can be purchased to help with basic maintenance for John Deere equipment, as oil removal kits help an owner to change the oil easily and without much of a mess. Air filters are also necessary to switch, and operators should do this, along with removing and changing the spark plug and fuel preservative.

Although the task may be daunting to some owners, especially those that have never done maintenance before, taking pride in the cleaning and restoration of a mower or lawn tractor can lead to a better lawn for a homeowner.

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