John Deere Vintage 175 Years of Service

The popularity of John Deere equipment is known throughout the U.S., as hats complete with the iconic jumping deer logo can be seen in places ranging from small suburbs to big cities around the country.

Though people who love the brand may not have experienced using any of the equipment that is made and manufactured by John Deere, they still are drawn to the prominent place it holds in American industry. The history and nostalgia associated with the company and its yellow and green colors is part of what Americans adore, and has kept the business going throughout its 175-year existence.

People who have used the company’s equipment know the reliability and quality of John Deere products, and value these machines as a key component to any farming or residential operation.

That is why many organizations raffle off John Deere equipment, as the presence of these machines is likely to generate both buzz for the given event and a significant sum of money for the cause.

A pink John Deere Gator is not a normal site in any community, but the machine was painted this color in order to raise awareness for and to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The West Lafayette Journal Courier reported that the local YMCA used the pink John Deere Gator in order to draw attention to the cause and to generate money for breast cancer research. The “Allie Gator” title for the uniquely-colored machine was chosen as a way to generate further interest in the raffle.

“When West Side contacted me to discuss the idea for the Allie Gator, I thought it was a fantastic idea and was thrilled to be a part of it,” Mike Molter, the owner of Twin City Collision Repair, told the news source. “The response from people so far has been great, and we look forward to helping to promote it.”

This machine will be displayed at a number of events in the next several months, and the total donations are expected to reach a significant amount once the spring season comes to a close. Because of the popularity of the John Deere Gator and the $10 price per ticket, officials from the town expect positive results from the raffle.

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