John Deere Kids

Preparing for Autumn with Clothing for John Deere Kids

September 24, 2018

Now that the seasons are changing, there’s no better time to check out John Deere kids clothing to make sure your family is outfitted properly for autumn. As the weather gets more chilly, you’re going to want to ensure that everyone is bundled up and ready for some outdoor fun. Let’s take a look at some John Deere kids wear that you may want to consider for the little ones in your life.

Baby Deer Bootie Socks

<img src="deer booties.png" alt="Brown knit baby booties with antlers and face design">


Enjoy the Outdoors with John Deere Accessories for Kids

April 30, 2018

As temperatures are finally beginning to rise across the country, people are spending more time outside, including kids. John Deere accessories for kids allow your little one to show off his or her style with products that are durable and reliable. Whether they are helping out in the yard, enjoying a picnic, or having fun on the beach, these accessories will keep families happy.

Check out some accessories for infants, toddlers, and older kids that you may want to consider.

6 John Deere DVDs to Educate Children on Construction and Farming

April 17, 2017

From the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum to John Deere coloring books, the company offers a number of different fun and interactive ways for kids to learn more about Deere and its equipment.

John Deere Kids Learning

For those that are looking for yet another way to educate children about the green and yellow, there are a number of John Deere DVDs available. To help narrow down the selection process, we’ve assembled a brief list. Enjoy!

All About John Deere for Kids

All About John Deere for Kids DVD

6 Items to Create the Ultimate John Deere Room for Kids

March 17, 2014

Deciding on a theme for a child’s room can be a fun activity. John Deere enthusiasts have it made thanks to a number of items offered by Deere that display love for the green and yellow. So, whether you have a little boy or girl that’s a big fan of Deere, or just want to add some Deere flare to a child’s room, Deere offers a number of products.

Let’s take a look at six products that we believe will help create the ultimate John Deere room for kids.

John Deere Piggy Bank

John Deere Piggy Bank

Green and Yellow Machines at Work: 6 John Deere Videos for Kids

November 25, 2013

Whether you’re a loyal John Deere customer and your kids are exposed to Deere equipment on a daily basis, or you’ve been out with the kids and have seen any of Deere’s products in action, you’ve probably been stopped by them thanks to their curiosity and desire to see more.

Use these 6 John Deere videos for kids to allow them to watch (and learn) how John Deere machines help farmers, ranchers, landowners, builders and loggers work the land—and get the job done. Enjoy!

Time to Harvest!


Free John Deere Games for Kids

January 8, 2013

John Deere is known for extending its green and yellow presence beyond the tractor. Fans can find apparel, sports gear, electronic accessories, and even online games and activities for kids. The Deere site offers four John Deere games with varying levels of difficulty so that JD enthusiasts of all ages can play along. There’s a game for distinguishing the differences between two pictures, a barnyard puzzle, and Johnny Tractor’s apple catch.

These interactive games encourage a love for John Deere while also engaging kids on an educational level. If your children already enjoy John Deere Lego structures, try introducing them to the online fun of John Deere games.

Fun Activities for John Deere Fans

February 21, 2012

5M Series Tractor

The relationship between John Deere and its fans has grown over the years, but the agricultural giant is now able to offer more resources to these individuals due to the advent of the internet.

The company’s website provides fans with an assortment of online activities that range from John Deere games to John Deere coloring.

Adults may be inclined to look at product information, helpful farming tips and at the various models of farm equipment that are available, but children will now be able to use the website for both entertainment and educational purposes.