Strong Bond to his JD 4010 Tractor

July 20, 2011

Proud owners of a restored 1963 JD 4010 gas tractor that has been in the family since 1965

Kelly Richards prize 1963 JD 4010 gas tractor. The Donnellson, IA man doesn't actively farm, but has a strong emotional connection to this tractor his father Lloyd Richards brought back in 1965

Kelly Richards doesn’t farm. He’s been a truck driver for Walmart for many years.

But the Donnellson, IA man’s prize posession? The 1963 JD 4010 gas tractor his dad Lloyd Richards bought back in 1965. Kelly was six years old when his dad brought the 4010 home to the farm.

I met Kelly and his wife Valorie last week on the Three Rivers Tractor Club’s annual Tractor Ride from Donnellson, IA to Keokuk, IA and back. After lunch at Rand Park in Keokuk overlooking the beautiful Mississippi River, the 65 tractors on the ride rolled out on the winding route home 21 miles to Donnellson. The tractor brigade stopped for a little rest in the quaint rivertown of Montrose, IA. It was there I met Kelly and Valorie, new members of the Three Rivers Tractor Club.

Kelly was driving a JD 2510 in the tractor ride, while Valorie drove their JD 2010. It was Valories first ever tractor ride. Kelly mentioned his real treasure was back home, the 1963 JD 4010 gas tractor. I mentioned it would be fun to see sometime, could he email me some pics?

Kelly & Valorie went one better. After the tractor ride rolled back into Donnellson, they scuried home and drove the 4010 into town and parked it across the street from the local Community Center, where we would be having dinner at 5 PM. I was in the Community Center getting my Powerpoint slideshow set up for an after dinner tractor talk when Kelly popped his head in the door….”We’ve got it outside. Come take a look.”

What a beautiful JD 4010.

I’ve been covering the used farm equipment market and farm machinery auctions for nearly 22 years now. As the years have rolled by it’s become increasingly apparent to me…the bond between man and tractor is very strong and very, very emotional.

Kelly is a perfect example. He hasn’t actively farmed for decades. But when his father Lloyd was getting out of farming and considering selling their 1963 JD 4010 tractor, Kelly just couldn’t live with the thought. So he bought it and then had it restored. Now he rides in tractor rides and takes his 4010 to tractor shows and parades.

“My dad always said it was the best tractor he ever owned, said Kelly.

I think it’s quite apparent his son agrees 100%.