Back in August, John Deere unveiled new additions to the 9R/RT Series Tractor line, promising producers the availability of equipment that welcomes a good challenge with up to 620 horsepower. One of these new additions, the 9620R, drew the attention of John Deere enthusiasts around the globe, as it became the largest John Deere tractor model to date.

John Deere 9620R

However, there is much more to the John Deere 9620R than meets the eye, as it hosts a bevy of comfort and performance features that would make even the most experienced tractor operator blush. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that help the 9620R defy convention.

Cummins QSX15 Engine

Cummins and John Deere partnered to arm the 9620R with a reliable, productive and efficient Final Tier 4 diesel engine solution. The QSX15 engine features Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), an exhaust aftertreatment combination of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in an effort to meet the near-zero NOx and PM emissions standards of today.

Efficiency Manager

The Efficiency Manager option is arguably the most impactful feature aboard Deere’s 9R Tractors. This feature automatically adjusts and matches the performance of the engine and transmission to maintain a consistent ground speed with the lowest RPMs in an effort to reduce operator fuel consumption. As a result, the operator no longer needs to manage the engine revolutions per minute (rpm) and gear selection for the most efficient level of operation possible.

HydraCushion Suspension System

Large tractor operators are familiar with the inconveniences caused by power hop and road lope, which commonly occur when tractors are pulling large implements across loose soil and roadways. To help mitigate these issues, HydraCushion Suspension is equipped on the 9620R to let operators take full advantage of their larger implements and travel to other fields without having to worry about speed.

The system’s hydraulic and electrical systems work in coordination to maintain a centered position of the front differential case in relation to the tractor’s chassis, independent of the weight of the tractor or dynamic loading. Electronic and computer controls that monitor tractor functions and axle position automatically trigger the tractor hydraulics to raise, lower, or remain static.

CommandView III Cab

As operators step inside the cab of the 9620R, the first thing they’ll realize is how quiet it is, thanks to laminated glass and a front console barrier that keep noise and vibration out. The operator’s seat rotates 40-degrees for a close to unobstructed view of the attached implement and the crystal clear resolution of the CommandCenter Display can be viewed alongside the smartly-configured CommandARM. Also, for those that enjoy bringing a snack on the go, an integrated, actively-cooled refrigerator option is available.

JDLink and Service ADVISOR

The 9620R is equipped with Deere’s JDLink telematics system which is designed to serve operators and managers who wish to take their operations to the next level from their office. The system allows them to manage the operation in real-time (thanks to emails and text messages) in an effort to optimize productivity, increase uptime, and boost the bottom line from their laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

Service ADVISOR allows John Deere service technicians to extract tractor information to stay up-to-date with possible equipment issues. Service ADVISOR Remote allows machines to be diagnosed remotely, saving the cost of a technician visiting the field for a service call.

John Deere 9620R in Field

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this post provided a closer look at some of the features that make the 9620R not only John Deere’s largest tractor, but also a very productive piece of agricultural equipment. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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