The John Deere 5425 is a high-quality, cost-efficient (81 engine hp) tractor that is ready to work on the operator’s time and in their conditions, while providing comfort and efficiency. These tractors are built for anyone from the young business entrepreneur to experienced agricultural producer, ready to handle a variety of challenges at home, on the farm, or at the worksite.


We’ve pulled together some key features of the 5425 that we believe help define its “utility tractor” moniker. Enjoy!

24F/24R PowrReverser™ Transmission

The 24F/24R PowrReverser transmission is the ideal choice for operators that demand multiple speed options while getting the job done. The 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds join an electrohydraulic reverser lever,  electrohydraulic hitch, electrohydraulic power take-off, 540/540 economy power take-off and engage-on-the-go 4WD. The “hi/lo” switch on the gear shift lever makes it easy for operators to change their field speeds when needed.

Optional 540/540 Economy PTO

The 540/540 Economy PTO gives operators the ability to select the engine rpm that matches their PTO application, while saving fuel in the process. This option is ideal for applications that don’t require full horsepower such as mower conditioners, balers, and cutters. An in-cab lever lets operators switch between 540 and 540E to save fuel when performance won’t be impacted. Note: when the tractor is in economy mode, the engine is limited to 1700 rpm.

Electrohydraulic Three-Point Hitch

With the electrohydraulic (EH) three-point hitch, operators can precisely set their height and depth limits, raise and lower the hitch, set the rate of drop, and adjust draft sensing. The EH hitch controls are located on the right-side of the console and are easy to reach and use. The EH hitch is optional equipment on the John Deere 5425.

Four-Wheel Drive Front Axle

Optional on the 5425, the 4WD front axle provides additional traction the moment it is needed, without the need to stop and thrust a lever. With limited slipping, operators will unlock the full potential of their tractor’s axle for applications when it’s needed the most. Thanks to this feature, rutty or slippery situations can be taken on with ease.

Easy-to-Use Operator Controls

With so many features, it may seem like the John Deere 5425 could be overwhelming to manage from the cab. However, thanks to user-friendly color-coded control levers, it’s easy for the operator to recognize and access all of the machine’s features. Whether the operator is a weekend tractor user or experienced, all the 5425’s capabilities can be realized from the cab.

Like other utility tractors, the 5425 can be paired up with a wide array of implements and attachments to enhance efficiency. Hopefully, this post illustrated some of the features and capabilities that make this tractor popular among Deere customers.

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