John Deere prides itself on developing equipment that is meant to stand the test of time, but have you ever wondered where the magic takes place? Over the years, the company has expanded its list of factory locations to better meet the needs of customers around the world. One of these locations is the John Deere Ottumwa Works Factory, a facility that designs and manufactures high-quality hay and forage equipment.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this John Deere factory so special.

A Brief History of John Deere Ottumwa Works

The Ottumwa Works site was originally known as Dain Manufacturing. It was developed by Joseph Dain back in 1900, and purchased by John Deere in 1911, making it Deere’s first manufacturing facility in Iowa. The factory location sprawls across more than 120 acres of land and makes up 1.2 million square feet of space. Within the factory, workers develop a variety of balers, mower conditioners, and self-propelled windrowers.

What Goes Into the Equipment Development Process

Employees at the John Deere Ottumwa Works site are responsible for helping design the products customers get to use every day. To gain insight into what exactly customers want out of their equipment, they turn to customer advisory groups to ensure that they’re only crafting the most efficient pieces for the masses.

Team members at this John Deere factory also take part in program integration workshops. Here, employees from various departments can scope out new product models and make changes as necessary to meet customer demands.

Another example of how this factory promotes excellence is that during the product assembly period, each piece passes through a series of inspections to ensure that it is ready to go into the customers’ hands. It is during this process that employees have to sign off on equipment to verify that faulty parts do not move ahead. At the end of the line, an inspection is necessary to verify that all loose hardware and paint imperfections are taken care of before products make it out into the market.

Attractions at John Deere Ottumwa Works

There are numerous attractions at the John Deere Ottumwa Works site, including The Market on Main, the Airpower Museum, and the American Gothic House. There are also several restaurants on-site for hungry visitors who are passing through. More information about the community and local area can be found by visiting the Greater Ottumwa Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you have any questions about the products created at the John Deere Ottumwa Works site, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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