Winter is one of the most difficult seasons to handle, especially if you own a large parcel of land. However, equipment like the John Deere SB21 Series Snowblower can make it easier to tackle the winter elements once they start to pile up. Customers can opt for either the 64-inch model, which pairs perfectly with the John Deere 3 Family Tractor, or the 76-inch model, which is compatible with the John Deere 4 Family Tractor.

John Deere SB21 Series: Features & Specs

Some features of the John Deere SB21 Series Snowblowers include hydraulic chute rotation, a durable auger, and easy-to-maneuver working width. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other aspects of these snowblowers that work together in perfect harmony to make snow removal a breeze.

Discharge Chute Deflection

With these snowblowers, operators can manually adjust the chute angle of the spout. Customers can also opt for an electrically controlled hydraulic cylinder that adjusts the deflector angle. The chute rotation and optional chute angle adjustment are all powered by the hydraulic power pack. Rocker switches that are installed in the operator station make it easy to control the chute as a whole. Furthermore, the discharge chute rotation comes as base equipment.

Hydraulic Three-Point Power Pack

The John Deere SB21 Series Snowblower comes with a self-contained hydraulic three-point power pack. It is powered by the tractor’s rear power take-off and is Category 1- and iMatch quick-hitch-compatible. Suitcase weights can be used on the rear of the tractor for additional ballast, as well.

Torque-Controlled Impeller

With this snowblower, the torque applied to the impeller is closely monitored. The speed of the auger automatically slows down when maximum torque is sensed and the operator is alerted to slow ground speed. This gives operators the ability to clear excess snow, which, in turn, reduces plugging amid operation. Thanks to this feature, operators can worry less about auger overloads and focus on ensuring that they are removing as much snow as possible.

Various Working Widths

The John Deere SB21 Series Snowblowers come in either a 64-inch or 76-inch working width, and either a 60-inch or 27-inch working height. The auger is 15 inches itself, making it quicker and easier than ever to remove snow. Customers can adjust and replace steel skid shoes, as well as the cutting edge, as needed. Because the skid shoes are adjustable, operators never have to worry about gouging on uneven surfaces.

Drift Cutters Kits

The drift cutter kits of the John Deere SB21 Series Snowblowers come field-installed for the ultimate convenience. This allows operators to direct tall snow down to the snowblower, where it can easily be redirected and moved out of the way.

Chute Deflector and Rotation Kits

There are chute deflector and rotation kits available for this piece of equipment, which give the operator the option of changing the direction of snow leaving the chute.

If you have any questions about the John Deere SB21 Series Snowblowers, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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