When you need the latest technology to help you manage your fleet of golf course equipment, you know you can turn to John Deere. With its OnLink platform, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to manage your property with ease. Now, Deere has announced new technological advancements to the platform that are revolutionizing the way golf course managers work.

“We are thrilled to introduce new technological advancements to the golf industry, further driving our commitment to provide smart technologies and enhanced machine capabilities to our customers,” said David Anderson, product manager at John Deere. “Our continued innovations in technology and production have helped us stay a leader in the golf industry while continuing to elevate technology’s place in the game of golf.”

John Deere OnLink Golf Course Management Software Features

OnLink already comes with several features specifically designed to make golf course management easier and more streamlined. Labor, water, and equipment management are a breeze, and it’s never been simpler to handle chemical and fertilizer management. To top it all off, the platform gives users up-to-the-hour weather conditions to enhance their decision-making process. Now, Deere has added new software features to make OnLink an even more valuable resource to golf course managers.

Labor Management

One of the latest OnLink features customers will want to make use of is OnLabor. This feature allows users to access labor data on the go to quickly view, manage, and assign daily tasks as necessary. Best of all, it can be done on a mobile device. Early warning alerts can also be set up to help users make crew management decisions before overtime costs come into play.

Equipment Management

OnEquip is essential to managing the day-to-day activity of all equipment. Users can easily schedule maintenance and make on-demand work orders for repairs that need to be completed as soon as possible. They also have insight into their parts inventory and can assess their fleet as it progresses over time. Downtime reports provide a closer look at how equipment is being used, highlighting where adjustments can be made for more productivity.

Nutrient Application

With OnApply, users can determine the best times to apply chemicals and nutrients based on weather and soil conditions. The Playbook Application log is pre-populated with data on chemicals and nutrients, as well as course information. Users can quickly view record data and keep a running tally of the product they apply to their course over time.


OnLink’s weather partner, IBM’s The Weather Company, provides accurate weather insights to simplify course management. With this data, users can improve their agronomic practices while planning future projects. Tournament preparation is made easier thanks to rolling 14-day hourly and daily forecasting. Alerts can also be set up to keep track of everything from humidity levels to cloud cover over the course of multiple days.

Water Management

The OnLink Water Management feature helps users maintain soil moisture levels over time by providing insight into evapotranspiration, humidity, wind, and forecasted precipitation. Users can also set up alerts to stay informed on key variables that directly impact watering practices.

To learn more about what John Deere OnLink has to offer, watch the video below!

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