While many across the country are still dealing with the winter elements, including freezing temps and snow, this should be considered a time for preparation, whether it be related to farming, residential lawn care, or golf course management. In February, we shared several news stories pertaining to the upcoming planting season – highlighting expert insights on the matter – along with an announcement centered on the John Deere OnLink platform. Read on to see what was covered. 

John Deere MachineFinder News Roundup: February 2022

Research Emphasizes Impact of Cover Crops on Soil Health

As the planting season grows nearer, farmers are preparing their fields accordingly. One factor that should be top of mind for these producers during this time is soil health, a crucial element in ensuring that farmers get the most out of their fields. In one study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), it was found that cover crop use has the most significant impact on soil health, followed by other tactics, such as crop diversity and crop-livestock integration. 

To learn more about these findings, along with the benefits of cover crops on soil health, check out this article.

UNL Extension Provides Insights on Spring Annual Forages

In addition to soil health, the planting season requires producers to consider one very obvious factor – what they actually want to plant. As temperatures rise slightly above freezing and the ground becomes primed for planting, farmers will look toward spring annual forages. To help assist in this process, experts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension have provided insights into some of the best planting methods for this spring.

To see what the experts had to say, check out this article

John Deere Introduces New Technology to Its OnLink Platform

In early February, John Deere announced it would be adding new technological advancements, including enhanced machine telematics and monitoring capabilities, to its OnLink platform. By enabling users to monitor their fleet of equipment in one place, OnLink helps reduce downtime while enhancing the execution of routine tasks on the golf course. Some of the new technology added to this platform includes basic mapping, usage analysis, and the incorporation of data from JDLink™ telematics.

To learn more about these additions, check out this article

K-State Canola Breeder Discusses the Crop’s Winter Survivability

Canola producers, specifically those across Kansas, have faced challenges over the past year due to a lack of rain and, in turn, moisture. For instance, a lack of moisture in planting zones made it difficult for canola producers to pinpoint the best time to seed last fall, which then impacted the overall crop cycle. To help producers ensure their crops survive the harsh winter season, Kansas State University canola breeder Mike Stamm provided valuable insight regarding canola’s growing point and monitoring the health of the crop throughout the season, among other factors. 

To see what else he had to say, check out this article

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