As we reflect on the year gone by, we want to take a moment to celebrate the outstanding content that made John Deere stand out in 2023. From informative blog posts, whether it’s for agricultural equipment or lawn care tips, to engaging social media campaigns, we’ve consistently delivered valuable content to our audience. This blog post will spotlight the top five posts and five social media content pieces that left a lasting impression. Get ready for a journey through the best of this past year.

Top 5 John Deere Blog Posts Published in 2023

John Deere published an array of blog posts this year, each aiming to educate customers on the ins and outs of our products. So, here are five of our favorites:  

Check Out the Reliable and Durable John Deere 4430

This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the John Deere 4430 tractor. Known for its versatility and compact design, the 4430 obviously boasts a 6.6-liter six-cylinder diesel engine, hydrostatic power steering, and multiple transmission options. Its reliability and performance in various farm tasks have also solidified it as a classic choice for farmers. 

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John Deere Gators: Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing the frequently asked questions about John Deere gators, this blog post provides insights into these small all-terrain utility vehicles. From their manufacturing location in Horicon, Wisconsin, to details about titles, helpful life, and different models, readers can better understand these versatile vehicles. The post also concludes with specifications and encourages users to explore the diverse gators available for various tasks.

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The John Deere 450E Round Baler: Key Features and Specs

This blog post highlights the features, capabilities, and specifications of John Deere 450E round balers. As part of the Zero Series line, the 450E promises efficient baling for operations of any size. With DiamondTough™ belts, automatic electric-tie options, and adjustable hitches, the baler offers versatility without compromising performance. Commonly asked questions are also addressed throughout the blog, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive guide to this efficient round baler.

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Your All-Season Best Friend: The John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere S100 lawn tractor takes the spotlight as an all-season companion for lawn care enthusiasts. With features like a 42-inch mower deck, compatibility with a snow blower, and a powerful engine, the John Deere S100 proves its versatility. The post covers key specs and commonly asked questions while emphasizing the S100’s value as an efficient lawn care machine suitable for year-round use.

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Get Ready for Planting Season with the John Deere 1790 Planter

This blog post delves into the John Deere 1790 Planter, designed for agricultural producers focused on healthy crops and high yields. The planter offers versatility in handling multiple plantings with a split-row design, Pro-Series XP™ row unit, and a 420-gallon fertilizer tank. The post also outlines features, specifications, and commonly asked questions, positioning the 1790 as an ideal choice for increasing productivity during the planting season.

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Top 5 John Deere Social Media Posts (Facebook) in 2023

In a sea of social media posts, these five also stand out, offering a glimpse into John Deere’s innovative products and cutting-edge machinery:

Learn How John Deere X Series Combines Power Through Rice

Highlighting the X series rice combine package, this Facebook post showcased the enhanced capacity, productivity, and wear resistance offered by these combines. More rigid coatings and wear-resistant components make the X series combines ideal for handling tricky rice while maintaining improved grain quality.

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John Deere TruSet Technology

This post highlights the John Deere 60-foot 1895 air drill, designed to help farmers during spring planting. It ensures precise seeding and fertilization, thanks to features like spoked gauge wheels and high-flotation tires. The post includes instructional videos on setup with Power Beyond or SCV stack, adjusting downforce using TruSet, and calibrating sensors. The technology in this air drill enhances efficiency and consistency, offering farmers a comprehensive solution for improved agricultural practices. 

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Learn How John Deere X9 Combines Perform Under Tough Conditions

This video dives into how the John Deere X9 delivers unparalleled efficiency and productivity for farmers. It’s John Deere’s most powerful combine with 690 horsepower, a 460-bushel grain tank, and speedy unloading. Independent testing has shown that X9 1100 combines to outperform competitors regarding harvesting capacity. 

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Gain Control with Reactive Steering | John Deere 7R Tractors

This post introduces updates to the steering options for the 7R tractors in the 2023 line. Enhanced steering capacity and options like Reactive Steering make these tractors suitable for tight spaces, improving maneuverability and reducing operator stress.

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John Deere Combine Advisor

This post explores how Combine Advisor™ technology brings automation to harvesting, reducing the need for manual adjustments. Features like ActiveVision™ Cameras, Auto Maintain, Optimize Performance, History Page, and HarvestSmart each contribute to a more efficient harvesting process. 

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Where Can I Find the Best John Deere Equipment in 2023?

Whether exploring classic tractors, utility vehicles, round balers, lawn tractors, or the latest technological advancements, John Deere continues to set the standard in the agricultural industry. Contact your local John Deere dealer today to learn more about any of the products mentioned above. 

Here’s to another year of exceptional content from John Deere!

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