John Deere B Tractor

The collecting of antique and vintage tractors is a phenomenon that is unique in the U.S., as people who restore these old machines differ from collectors of other vehicles and historic equipment.

While people who collect antique cars and other vehicles may also belong to collector clubs, but they are not likely to engage in the types of activities that their tractor brethren take part in.

A number of antique tractor and used farm equipment enthusiasts not only collect the vehicles, but use these models to perform agricultural functions in a historic manner. Older techniques are used by members of vintage clubs across the country, as these methods help to keep alive some of the sentiment from the earlier days of agriculture.

Though not everyone who owns older John Deere equipment is in one of these vintage clubs, a number of organizations across the country take part in special celebrations of historic practices in order to enhance their appreciation for how things used to be done.

History is important to these Americans, especially since farming is one of the few professions that is handed down from generation to generation. People who inherit John Deere tractors from their parents may choose to continue work on the family farm, and this highlights the need to celebrate the tradition of the sector.

GateHouse News Service reported that the Murray County Antique Tractor & Implement Association of Oklahoma recently went to a wheat field to prepare for a future show and to use older equipment to appreciate the way things used to be done.

“When I was seven or eight years old, I was in a field just like this,” said Jim Runyan, a club member for 15 years. “Lately, it’s not that important to do things like this but our children can see what it used to be like. It was a lot of work and a lot of man hours.”

Keeping the history of the sector alive is the main motivation for many antique clubs around the U.S., and the members of the Seward, York, Aurora Antique Tractor Club, have been preparing for the first-ever Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. They are hoping to represent the older models of farm equipment during the celebration within the state, according to the York News Times.

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