John Deere Chatterbox

People who have used John Deere equipment know that the company takes customer feedback to heart, as the equipment company often rolls out new machinery that reflects what its users wanted certain models to improve upon.

This type of feedback-oriented innovation has allowed John Deere to remain an industry leader for many years, and new services may help to enhance this customer-company relationship.

A studio that was recently created now allows John Deere users to give their input and to provide feedback about their favorite or least favorite aspects of the company’s equipment.

The “Chatterbox” was developed as a way to record the opinions of those who used John Deere equipment, according to Tulsa World, as users come in and provide feedback about certain aspects of the machinery they own.

The studio is quite interesting to look at, the news source reported, as it is a large yellow box – roughly 30 feet long and 13 feet tall – adorned with the Chatterbox logo and the iconic jumping deer image from John Deere. Inside of this recording studio is a green room with a mini fridge and leather chairs, designed to provide comfort to the company’s customers.

“It’s important to get the feedback from the people using and buying our machines because John Deere and Yellowhouse want to find out how they can provide better service,” said John Kritser, president of Yellowhouse Machinery, a dealership that hosted an open house for the Chatterbox.

This in-person feedback setup was designed as an alternative to online feedback, as it provides a more accountable forum. Some people simply leave comments on a website after they had a bad day, and this input tends to be less helpful than the more personalized Chatterbox experience.

“The mobile recording studio gets them to the dealership and allows us to get more detailed responses about their experiences with John Deere’s equipment,” said Krister. “There’s some stuff that comes out you don’t like to hear but you need to know. That’s the only way we can fix it.”

John Deere will use the comments to improve products and as part of an advertising push, as customers who allow the company to use their likeness will be featured in marketing campaigns. These lucky users will be able to appreciate the role they had in the process and know their input was valued.

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