Versatile Attachments for Your John Deere 8320R

December 11, 2017

When producers need a tractor that can take on long work days, the John Deere 8320R is one of the most viable options on the market. This tractor comes with either 16-speed PowerShift, e23 PowerShift or Infinitely Variable Transmission to cater to operators’ needs. Its 320 engine horsepower also packs a punch, and it works seamlessly with JDLink™ to provide users with up-to-the-minute performance information.

Let’s take a look at some of the attachments that work with the John Deere 8320R.

Key Information About the John Deere 2305

September 21, 2016

The John Deere 2305 tractor is not only powerful, but compact and versatile. It comes standard with four-wheel drive, as well as power steering and a hydrostatic transmission, making it a great option for mowing and loader work.

John Deere 2305

Let’s take a closer look at the some of the other key features.

TNV Series Engine

The TNV Series engine of the John Deere 2305 comes with three cylinders. It is powered by diesel, and the engine itself was developed to meet Tier II Environmental Protection Agency standards. This means that it has low levels of both exhaust and emissions, giving operators peace of mind as they work.

Addressing All of Your Hay and Forage Questions – Part 2

August 20, 2014

Last week, we featured part one of a two part series to address all of your hay and forage questions. In part one, we learned some fundamental concepts to help you this harvesting season. Today, we will continue tackling other hay and forage concerns by taking a deeper look into the 9 series round baler. This will surely send you on your way to producing the best possible quality crop this season. Let’s get right into solving your haying dilemmas.

hay and forage

Will the B-Wrap preserve wet corn silage better than NetWrap?

5 Features of the John Deere 7230R that separate it From the Pack

July 22, 2013

The John Deere 7R series tractors are designed to combine the versatility of a utility tractor with enough power to perform in the field, whatever the project might be. The John Deere 7230R tractor does just that, including several features from the inside and out, which separate it from the pack. Long days in the field can seem much shorter while operating this machine, thanks to these features.

John Deere 7230R Tractor

So, let’s take a detailed look at some of these specifications and what makes the 7230R stand above the rest.

John Deere Biography: A Story Behind the Inventor

November 14, 2012

Born in Vermont in 1804, John Deere trained as a blacksmith’s apprentice before starting his own trade, moving to Illinois, and coming up with his life-changing idea – the steel plow. This concept led Deere to establish a workforce in order to better meet the growing demands of his customers. Despite facing financial hardship, like most others at the time, John Deere was determined to keep working for farmers, just as they were doing for the rest of the country. In addition to manufacturing equipment, Deere became more involved with the community in Moline, IL before his death in 1886, further helping to shape the dependable brand we all know and love today.

Miniature Replica 1939 JD B Tractors in Mississippi

January 26, 2012

Talent, Imagination & Passion.

A winning recipe for any endeavor in life. Last week in Mississippi I met two retired buddies who are high on the talent, imagination and passion scale and have produced some amazing things with their heads, hearts and hands, unique testaments to their devotion to all things John Deere.

Check out the YouTube video above and you’ll be introduced to Raymond Miller of Stantonville, TN. Raymond used to work on oil rigs in South America back in the day. Lately he’s been busy crafting (3) exact replicas of his favorite tractor, his own 1939 John Deere B. Miller’s (3) minature replica JD B’s had tons of folks stopping to look at the farm show last Friday and Saturday.

Meeting Emissions Requirements: Is Aftertreatment Retrofit Right for You?

December 20, 2011

This excerpt was originally posted on the John Deere, Straightforward Blog December 15, 2011. You can view the original post here.

In a post last month we took a closer look at some of the most common ways fleet managers can achieve compliance with local emissions requirements. This month, we will focus on a particular avenue for emissions compliance — aftertreatment retrofits: What it is, where it makes sense to use, along with some pros and cons of this solution.

Friday Fun: John Deere Tractor Halloween Costumes

October 28, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner, and the true John Deere fans will be out in full force.  In preparation, we’ve scoured the internet and found some past fans who have shown off their dedication to the green and yellow with John Deere tractor Halloween costumes.

Though most are young children, there’s no reason a grown adult couldn’t pull off a tractor costume.  If you have pictures of a John Deere costume, share them with us on the MachineFinder Facebook Page!









17 John Deere T-Shirts for Your Enjoyment!

October 3, 2011

John Deere Shirts and Clothing

A few weeks ago we showed you some celebrities wearing John Deere clothing, so this week we wanted to show you just how many shirts YOU could be wearing.  While this is not a complete list of John Deere shirts, it does show off some of our favorites.  If you have a favorite that you don’t see below, show it to us on the MachineFinder Facebook Page!


John Deere 7800 Tractors Worth More Than 10 Years Ago

August 11, 2011

This 1995 John Deere 7800 2WD tractor with 3,454 hours sold for a record high auction price of $62,250 on a November 23, 2010 sale in north-central Iowa.

I’ve always liked the “back in time” hook. 10 years ago today, this happened. 50 years ago today, that happened. Love it. Valuable perspective to be gained I think from occasionally looking in the rear-view mirror.

I had a little fun recently on our Machinery Pete Facebook page. On July 24th I went back in our auction price database and found a farm sale from July 24, 2001. So the 10 Years Ago Today hook. What I found was most interesting: