Webisode 4: John Deere Big Buck 4020 Giveaway

February 2, 2010

Chip Foose and team are digging into the enhancements of the John Deere 4020 tractor in this latest installment of the Big Buck 4020 webisode series.  We’ll be giving away the modified classic John Deere tractor to one lucky winner.  Follow the link for additional info and contest details: John Deere Big Buck Sales Event.

View more video footage on our John Deere Video Page and on the MachineFinder YouTube channel.

  • Hoosier,Indiana

    Who exactly is Chip Foose? He certianly isn’t Henry Dreyfuss or Ray Loewry now is he?

  • Machinefinder

    Hi and thank you for commenting! We have a full post on Chip’s background and experience – make sure to check it out here: http://blog.machinefinder.com/909/john-deere-big-buck-sales-event-more-on-chip-foose


    I think any person with any kind of farming background would far rather have the 4020 Chip started with than that butchered strictly show piece he is making. Tractors are supposed to be symbols of hard working machines loaded with comfort features, but in the end the most important feature of any tractor is its ability to do WORK! In the end it looks like this thing will be nothing but a toy to haul around and show off, what a sad demise for such an iconic WORKHORSE!