The Nicest John Deere 4020?

August 4, 2010

$31,000: The Highest Auction Price Machinery Pete has seen on a JD 4020

1,280 John Deere 4020 tractors.

That’s how many I’ve seen sold at auction over the last 14 years. That’s how many 4020 sale prices we’ve got in our “auction results” database at I’m sure the number is well over 2,000 4020’s sold in my 21 years of tracking auction sale prices.

The nicest one I’ve run across? Hmm, don’t have to think about that too hard. Would have to be the 1972 4020 with 2,499 one-owner hours sold on a farm auction November 21, 2007 in northwest Ohio.

Sold for $31,000.

We all know the Deere 4020 is an iconic tractor model. Made from 1964-72, the 4020 was and is still a staple of farm life all over North American and beyond. Emotional attachments to 4020’s run deep and strong. How many little farm boys and girls learned how to drive with dad or grandpa on the family’s 4020? Too many to count.

Any time a really nice 4020 with low hours pops up on the auction market now…..B-I-G interest. Like the 1970 4020 sold March 6, 2010 on an auction in north-central Oklahoma. It sold with a JD 725 loader for $27,500. Even if you take off a generous amount for the loader, you’re still looking at a sweet 4020 that just brought in the $20,000 range.

Can you imagine what a 4020 with under 1,000 actual hours in mint condition would be worth?

A big part of what I do for a living compiling all the sale price data I do is spotting current and predicting coming trends in the used equipment market. One trend that I have NO doubt will only continue to gain momentum?

Very nice JD 4020 tractors will continue to attract growing interest in the years and decades to come. Here’s another pic of a super nice 4020 emailed to me this week by Terry Johnston of Waterloo, IA. Terry’s dad bought this diesel 1972 model 4020 (PS, 2 hyd., side console) on an auction in east-central Iowa back on November 27, 1998 for $21,500. Currently it has only 2,840 hours. The Johnstons are the second owners.

Terry Johnston of Iowa’s 1972 JD 4020 tractor with 2,840 hours

This tractor is worth more than $21,500 now I’d say.

What are your memories of JD 4020 tractors as a kid? Drop a comment here and let me know. How about this one….what’s the nicest JD 4020 tractor you’ve ever seen? What do you think it was worth?

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About Machinery Pete: Greg “Machinery Pete” Peterson has been working in the agricultural industry for 21 years and details agricultural equipment prices and trends at his website, Greg also writes columns for Successful Farming magazine, Implement & Tractor magazine, web site and also appears on the Machinery Show on RFD-TV.

  • Bart Gragg | Blue Collar U

    We had a JD 4020 on the farm near Bell City, Louisiana. I farmed with my uncle during high school summers from about 1970 to 1976. (No, it didn’t take me 6 years to get through high school… I am still a sophomore! )

    Anyway, cultivated soybeans for many a long day on that thing before we started planting them with a rice drill. Hauled rice carts out of the fields, used the PTO and pumped water all night long, getting eaten by mosquitoes.

    But it was a great tractor to operate. Everything was laid out where you could reach it, things were easy to engage and dis-engage.

    I actually learned to drive on a Minneapolis Moline with the big iron bar push-pull clutch lever, so when we got this 4020 my cousins and I fought over who got to drive it. SWEET shifting transmission. Easy to maintain.

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  • Brian Pechan

    Growing up we never had a 4020, but we did have its little brother; a narrow front 3020 with a gas engine and a syncro-range transmission. It is the tractor I learned how to drive on and it is still in use today; albeit re-powered with a modern, tier 3 John Deere engine. This series has to be one of best engineered tractors of all time! They are nearly indestrucable, the controls are well laid out and easy to use, and they are very easy to maintain/repair. No wonder they are in such high demand.

  • Kraig

    I have a 71′ 4020 DIESEL. Very nice condition. :)


    Growing up on my Dad’s Farm, We had 4020,3020,630. all were diesel except the gas burner 630. The 4020 & 3020 were 1964 models,don’t know about the 630. We Farmed about 500 acres in row crop and Pecan orchards. Also grew Irish Potatoes,in Baldwin County Alabama in those days the county was a big producer of potatoes. I remember pulling a five bottom plow behind the 4020,and a four bottom plow with the 3020. My Dad ran them at 2250 rpm’s instead of 2150.Those tractors had increditable power,for their size. I wish they made tractors like that today,that would be something! Regards Elroy McKenzie III

  • Sonny

    I recently traded some equipment for a nice mostly restored JD4020 LPG tractor. I was going to use it to run a baler but it is too nice of a tractor to wear it out in a hay field. I would like to put it in the hands of a collector that could finish restoring it. (It doesn’t have the rods and propane knobs running through the radiator to the dashboard like the originals)
    8-10,000.00 would take this tractor home if anyone is interested.
    Atoka Oklahoma

  • chris

    Hi, I have a jd 4020 1966. owned it since 1969 fully restored in 2006 . Still in showroom condition . 2657hrs on the clock My pride and joy

  • chris j

    i have a jd 4020 1966 . i have had it from new with 2637hrs . i restored it back in 2006. its still in show room codition now

  • http://mpwasher@yahoo.con Steven G Mathis

    My dad had a 1972 John Deere 4020 and I put a-many a hour on this tractor. He bought it new in 1972 and kept it til his passing in 2009. It was sold to Hutson’s Ag. in Mayfield, Ky. The tractor was kept in great condition, but upon selling the tractor to Hutson’s they had it totally restored and it is now dispalyed on their showroom floor. Sure does give me a good bit of pride and memories every time i see it.