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Image Gallery: 25 Head-Turning John Deere Machines at Work

September 18, 2014

 by Machinefinder

When thinking about John Deere, most people’s minds go directly to the corn fields, with an iconic green and yellow machine plowing its way through the maize. In reality, Deere offers products across a wide range of industries including forestry, construction, residential, and much more.

Wheeled Forestry Harvester Image Gallery: 25 Head Turning John Deere Machines at Work

Forestry equipment is often shielded by thick, tree-lined landscapes, construction equipment is likely hard to get up-close and personal with for safety reasons, and agricultural equipment is likely only seen where there are fields to roam. As a result, when some of these John Deere machines are in the public eye, they have a tendency to turn heads.

Image Gallery: 15 John Deere Forestry Harvester Action Shots

August 15, 2013

 by Machinefinder

The John Deere Construction and Forestry Division was developed in the 1950′s and has since been producing some of the finest pieces of equipment in the forestry industry. Deere forestry harvesters are integral in the process of removing trees, delimbing them, and slicing them into precisely measured logs.John Deere forestry harvesters come in many shapes and sizes, conquering the toughest terrain in the forest on wheels or tracks to get the job done day or night, through rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine.

The Best John Deere Innovations of 2012

December 28, 2012

 by Machinefinder

Ever since the first John Deere plow was sold 175 years ago, there has been continuous motivation to create new equipment that is bigger, better, stronger, safer, and more productive. John Deere Innovation has come a long way in machinery manufacturing and the drive to produce equipment that simplifies everyday tasks. In this blog post we will look at how John Deere innovation continues to lead the way.

6 John Deere Forestry Machines You May Not Know About

November 13, 2012

 by Machinefinder

When we hear “John Deere,” we may think of the classic tractor such as a row crop or a combine. However, most of us are unaware of John Deere Forestry. John Deere forestry machines resemble the high quality and standards that are shown in the agriculture division. Take a look at these 6 different John Deere forestry machines:

Feller Bunchers

Feller 1024x623 6 John Deere Forestry Machines You May Not Know About

Feller Bunchers are used in logging for harvesting; they often consist of a heavy base, where the operator sits with either a type of saw, or, as you can see in this image, a shear. This shear encompasses the tree and acts like a giant pincher.

John Deere: Monster of the Forest

December 8, 2010

 by Machinefinder

The John Deere Construction and Forestry Division was established in the mid-1950′s, back then called the Industrial Equipment Division. Deere began producing forestry machines in earnest at that time, but in reality, Deere products have been working in the woods since the early part of the last century. Today’s tough-but-smart machines can cut an entire tree into precisely measured sections in a matter of seconds. After rapidly sawing the tree from the base, the processing head keeps hold, dropping the tree parallel to the ground then quickly pulling it through, delimbing and cutting to desired length. It’s the very latest technology for an age-old profession.

John Deere Forestry Miniatures

December 6, 2010

 by Machinefinder

It’s really something to see all the detail and precision that goes along with a Deere machine recreated on a smaller scale. These miniature forestry units from Edward J. Wagoner’s photostream depict machines built for big work on a very small scale, and even in action.

843J Wheeled Feller Buncher 1/50th


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