We believe that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Measuring machine productivity is easier with John Deere ForestSight. Whether your team consists of just a few machines or a large fleet, you can gather important information about your daily forestry operations and performance of each machine with this innovative technology.

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To better explain how ForestSight can help optimize your forestry operations, we’ve put together a brief overview of 3 informational videos. These videos look at how this technology helps optimize machines, jobsites and uptime. Enjoy!

Machine optimization is just one way that John Deere ForestSight can help you improve your forestry operations. Whether you manage a single operation or multiple crews, you want to get the most out of your equipment. However, you can’t be everywhere all the time. This is why John Deere ForestSight acts as your eye in the woods, helping you optimize machines when you can’t be present. So, how does it work?

JD Link Telematics collects data on the operation and performance of all of your machines across your jobsites. It gives you a constant connection to all of your machines so that you can easily identify opportunities for improvement. This might be something helpful like finding out exactly where unused resources are or whether machines are spending too long with their engines idling and wasting fuel.

Engine load monitoring data can tell you when a machine is at the limits of its capabilities so that you can quickly replace it with something more efficient. You can also add geo-fences and curfews to receive notifications if a machine is moved offsite or outside of your chosen curfew hours. You can have all of this valuable information sent to you or a John Deere technology specialist that can look after the data for you, allowing as much or as little involvement as you choose.


Jobsite optimization is another way John Deere ForestSight can help optimize your forestry operations. Efficiency on the jobsite is key when aiming to lower costs and increase margins. Unfortunately, keeping track of every last detail on the jobsite can seem like a burdensome obligation.

John Deere ForestSight gives you the tools to help you optimize your jobsite, such as trees harvested, fuel consumption, hours of use and more. You can analyze operator production levels to identify training opportunities that can lead to increase performance. Real-time data is also available so that you can schedule efficient refueling or reference historical data to create more accurate and competitive bids for future jobs. This will help reduce fuel burn per ton and increase productivity.

With ForestSight, you will get more wood to the landing quicker and negotiate with confidence, knowing how to optimize your jobsite ahead of time. A technology specialist is available at your John Deere dealer to analyze the data, helping you operate more efficiently, land more jobs and ultimately make more money!

Uptime Optimization with John Deere ForestSight


Loggers all agree that uptime is a major concern, but ensuring machine health can get pretty complicated. Fortunately, John Deere ForestSight was innovated and designed to you optimize uptime.

JD Link Telematics automatically tracks usage hours and maintenance schedules and sends you reminders so that you are on top of the preventative maintenance for every machine. Afterwhich, the machine health prognostics technology takes data from JD links and lab analysis on fluids. By using expertise and an advanced rules engine, the information is processed and suggestions are delivered to you or your dealer to better optimize uptime.

If a problem does occur, using remote diagnostics and programming, your dealer can remotely read and clear diagnostics codes and even record machine performance data. If a component has failed, your dealer pulls the correct part and sends it to your jobsite with a technician to fix the problem right then and there. If the machine needs a software update, it will be taken care of for you remotely. ForestSight is all about saving you time, energy and money!

Hopefully this overview helps you understand the main benefits of using John Deere ForestSight and inspires you to optimize your machines, jobsites and uptime! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+!

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