John Deere has been a household name for decades, so it’s no wonder that those in the construction industry continue to flock to the company for their equipment needs. One business that has learned about all of the benefits that Deere has to offer is Elder Corporation of Des Moines, Iowa. This third-generation company has seen technology change in various ways over the years. Elder Corporation specializes in demolition, earthwork, underground utilities, concrete, and much more, meaning it needed machinery that could take on a wide array of tasks. This is where John Deere came into play.

Moving Dirt Quickly and Efficiently

Being able to move dirt fast has always been a priority for the Elder Corporation’s crew. With John Deere’s machinery, this is no longer a problem that needs to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

“Performance is what we’re looking for, and John Deere doesn’t let us down,” says Brian Moran, Vice President of Mobile Fleet Assets and Maintenance for Elder Corporation. “We like the push and loading power of the wheel loaders and the power and lifting capacity of the excavators. And when it comes to two-track scraper tractors, you have to go with Deere. They build some good, reliable equipment.”

Incorporating Deere Equipment

When Elder Corporation needed to reconfigure a loading dock area about a decade ago, its employees learned all of the benefits of having Deere machinery on hand. Since then, the rest has been history, with the Elder Corporation incorporating nearly 50 pieces of Deere equipment into its fleet.

“Recently, we were awarded a 600,000-square-foot warehouse project, which the general contractor was able to negotiate directly because they know Elder Corporation is heavily invested in Deere equipment,” says Steve Moyna, Vice President of Business Development. “We buy more Deere equipment and we get more jobs because of it. Everyone benefits.”

Taking Lessons from the Air

GPS technology has changed the game for Elder Corporation. The company is saving an ample amount of money and time by using GPS-enabled drones and equipment across its jobsites on a regular basis.

“Technology such as John Deere Telematics make sure that we’re able to just plan and then go,” Moran continued. “Instead of everything being reactive, it can be proactive.”

If you have any questions about how John Deere and its equipment can potentially help your company, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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