When you’re on the hunt for a lawn tractor with all of the latest technology and features, you know you can turn to John Deere for a wide selection. The John Deere 200 Series lawn tractors offer Accel Deep™ mower decks, which are compatible with the MulchControl™ kit. Their engines also boast enough horsepower for even the longest workdays. If your goals are to ultimately boost productivity and efficiency, a John Deere 200 Series lawn tractor can help you get it done.

John Deere 200 Series Models

The John Deere 200 Series lawn tractors are meant to enhance your time spent doing yard work, transforming it from a tedious task to one you might look forward to doing. With more horsepower at your disposal and additional speed, it’s easier than ever to check items off of your to-do list.

John Deere S220, 42-in. Deck

The John Deere S220 has a cyclonic V-twin engine that provides greater torque, in addition to lower vibration and improved sound quality. The 42-inch Accel Deep™ Mower Deck provides a high cut quality that is smooth and level every time. The hydrostatic/automatic drive transmission provides operators with an infinite amount of ground speed choices as they work. With an easy-open hood, serviceability is a breeze, and the operator station has been revamped to boost comfort and convenience.

John Deere S240, 42-in. Deck

The John Deere S240 also has a smooth-running V-twin engine with ample torque. Its 42-inch Accel Deep™ Mower Deck provides the same premium cut as other models in the series, and its adjustable mower wheels help reduce scalping. A three-year (or 200-hour) bumper-to-bumper warranty comes standard with the mower. With a welded-steel frame, the mower is designed to stand the test of time as well.

John Deere S240, 48-in. Deck

The John Deere S240 can be ordered with a 48-inch Accel Deep™ Mower Deck instead of a 42-inch version. With this deck, operators can still take comfort in knowing that they are going to get a clean cut every time. The stamped-steel design also eliminates sharp edges and corners, where material can build up and reduce efficiency. Similar to the other models in the series, this mower comes with hydrostatic/automatic drive transmission, as well as a welded-steel frame for the utmost strength.

John Deere 200 Series Features

If you’re interested in purchasing a lawn tractor to make yardwork something you actually look forward to doing, any model in the John Deere 200 Series will deliver. With a mower from this line, you won’t want for any more speed or horsepower to get the job done. Additionally, the bumper-to-bumper warranty will give you peace of mind.

Accel Deep™ Mower Deck

This mower deck, which is compatible with MulchControl™, helps you spread your clippings at a faster mowing speed for more efficiency.

Premium V-Twin Engine

The horsepower of the premium V-twin engine featured in these mowers has been increased to provide operators with all of the power they need to push through the task at hand.

Front Bumper

The front bumper of the John Deere 200 Series lawn tractors is not only for safety. Operators can now ride with confidence with the bumper in place.

MowerPlus™ Fuel Gauge

The John Deere S240 now comes with the MowerPlus Fuel Gauge, which makes it easy to read fuel levels while the machine is in operation.


John Deere offers a three-year (or 200-hour) bumper-to-bumper warranty for the 200 Series line. This ultimately gives operators peace of mind as they take on even the most challenging tasks out in the yard.

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