The Best Ways to Improve Your Lawn This Spring

February 27, 2012

John Deere Lawn Care. Seeding equipment and tips.

John Deere Lawn Care

The coming of spring is a time when many Americans look to make their lawn as green as possible, as they may want to spruce up their property, compete with their neighbors or simply have the feeling that comes from having a green landscape surrounding their residence. There are some universal truths for people who are looking to grow grass and have the richest and greenest lawn in their neighborhood and the following John Deere lawn care tips can help you along the way. Although some of these tips may seen simple, it is important to start at square one and work to a level of expertise.

Heat is an important thing to monitor when looking for a greener lawn. The general rule of thumb is for grass to be grown at temperatures between 45 degrees and 75 degrees, and a significant level of sunlight needs to be present, according to a video by Lawn Care Midwest. The expert noted that the area of the country that the lawn is in may affect what months are best for growing grass, but the general period is either April-through-June or September-into-November. According to the video, watering grass is one of the most important steps, and a homeowner wants to apply a significant level of moisture to their lawn on a daily basis.

Seed-to-soil contact is also important, as there has to be soil covering the seed and it has to be deeply rooted in order to maintain the healthiest lawn. Greenview reported that the approach to getting a greener lawn depends on whether a homeowner is planting a new lawn or overseeding an existing one. If overseeding, an emphasis should be placed on loosening the soil with the right seed equipment or mowing the existing grass as short as possible while monitoring the bare spots. Having the proper seeding machine can assist you in this process.

According to the news source, the seed needs to be spread in an even manner throughout the lawn, except for bare spots, as more attention and seed may be needed in these areas. There are many tips and tools available for people to use in terms of getting the greenest lawn possible, but it may help to heed the advice of the John Deere lawn care experts.

John Deere Landscapes provides a homeowner with a list of products, resources and services to help them get the greenest lawn possible this spring. The company’s website notes that professionals within the green industry will recognize Hunter Industries, Irritrol, Rain Bird, Toro, FX Luminaire, Unique Lighting, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, Belgard, Corona Tools, LESCO, and many other fine brands within their product offering.

This helps a consumer choose the right seeding equipment and other products from John Deere that will work best with other items, allowing for a collaborative effort to achieve the goal of a green lawn. John Deere carries all of the landscape and wholesale irrigation & seeding machine supplies that one would need. These range from application equipment, seed, fertilizer and chemicals, to irrigation, lighting, hardscapes, hand tools and other miscellaneous seed equipment.

Though the company offers a wide variety of products for a homeowner, one of the differences between the John Deere brand and others is the employees of the company. The difference at John Deere Landscapes is the people who are able to provide help to homeowners. With a complete staff of knowledgeable employees, one can have confidence in the company’s ability to help with the management of a lawn.

John Deere Landscapes. John Deere lawn care.

The John Deere Landscapes’ Partners Program also helps to provide a homeowner with an abundance of resources to help them maintain their lawn and keep the green around for as long as possible each year. This team includes technical and horticultural experts with expertise in irrigation planning and installation, selecting nursery stock, choosing a lighting design and identifying new equipment.

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