7 John Deere Lawn Tractor Attachments for Spring

March 21, 2017

Spring is officially here! Although some of us may still be waking up to chilly temperatures, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that promises warmer weather. The onset of spring signals the beginning of yard maintenance, landscaping, and planting, all of which require the power and reliability of John Deere lawn tractor attachments.

John Deere ride-on lawn tractors

For gardening and yard tasks, John Deere has released these attachments to provide your ride-on lawn tractor with increased capabilities and versatility. The John Deere lawn tractor attachments are also suited for a variety of residential tasks, including tillage, plowing, scraping, hauling, aerating, and mowing. Here are 7 attachments to get excited about this season.

1. 42” Hydraulic Tiller

For preparing seedbeds and controlling weeds in a wide range of terrains, Deere has designed the 42” Hydraulic Tiller. This machine packs all kinds of power and is designed with adjustable depth to tackle any type of soil conditions.

John Deere 42-inch hydraulic tiller2. Category 1 3-Point Hitch Plow, Single Bottom

If you have an area that once grew grass, grains, vegetables, or other crops, this plow can bury that old crop residue. The plow digs down deep to bring fresh soil to the surface for new seedbeds and effectively buries crop residue where it won’t interfere with new growth.

John Deere 3 point hitch plow attachment

3. 48” Box Scraper

The 48” Box Scraper can take care of the tough digging and leveling yard jobs; its sharp edges cut through any type of gravel, dirt, sand, or rock with the lawn tractor in forward and reverse. In addition, the steel components are welded together for heightened strength and durability.

John Deere 48-inch Box Scraper

4. 17P Poly Cart

The 17P Poly Cart is dent and rust resistant with a large load capacity for any number of materials. In fact, the large cart size reduces the number of trips you have to make and releases loads at a steep angle so that nothing is left behind in the cart.

JD Lawn Tractor Poly Cart attachment

5. 125-lb. Pull-Type Spin Spreader

With a box capacity this big, you can tackle even the largest seeding and fertilization tasks. This spreader makes for an impressive piece of yard care equipment with its ability to evenly distribute materials across soil and grass. In addition, the large pneumatic tires ensure smooth driving and operation.

JD Pull Type Spreader attachment

6. 48” Plug Aerator

The heavy-duty design of this John Deere lawn tractor attachment makes it effective in penetrating soil up to 3” in depth to allow for air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil. The width of the Plug Aerator makes it a productive machine that can complete all aerating jobs quickly yet efficiently.

JD 48-inch Plug Aerator lawn tractor attachment

7. 3-Bag, 14-Bushel, Power Flow Bagger

When mowing a large acreage of land, it’s essential to avoid emptying the bag at every turn. The 3-bag, 14-Bushel, Power Flow Bagger has a large capacity within the bags and the chute to ensure all grass and yard debris makes it into the bagger while you mow.

John Deere 3-bag flow lawn tractor bagger

This is just a glimpse of the numerous lawn tractor attachments John Deere has made available for spring. Deere engineers strive to meet every consumer need with the products and equipment that are released each year, and the John Deere lawn tractor attachments are a perfect example of that devotion.

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