Ever since the first John Deere plow was sold 175 years ago, there has been continuous motivation to create new equipment that is bigger, better, stronger, safer, and more productive. John Deere Innovation has come a long way in machinery manufacturing and the drive to produce equipment that simplifies everyday tasks. In this blog post we will look at how John Deere innovation continues to lead the way.

This year was no different for Deere; engine emissions and idling times, cab comfort, preserving the land, and resourcefulness have been some of the many areas that have undergone improvements in 2012. The John Deere Company, along with farmers across the country, are confident that these advancements in innovation will be the foundation for providing the growing global population a means to work more efficiently. The following are some of the best John Deere innovations we’ve seen this year:

  • JD Link Machine Monitoring System App: This system is not new in 2012; for the past few years, farmers have been able to monitor vehicles, simplify maintenance scheduling, increase vehicle up-time, track operator productivity, and assist in recovering stolen machinery through software that is integrated into the machine’s electrical system. Farmers now have the option to manage their equipment through the new smartphone app, which includes features like; multiple machine mapping, GPS of equipment, and viewing maintenance alerts.
  • DirectDrive Transmission: During a November fuel efficiency test in Germany, the DirectDrive transmission with double clutch technology proved to be a highly fuel- and time-efficient alternative to existing transmissions. The fuel efficiency was tested under a number of speeds, terrains, and conditions. This included fields, roads, hilly slopes, and gravel filled tractors. The small amount of fuel consumption by the DirectDrive transmission lowers the overall operating cost of a Deere tractor.

The Best John Deere Innovations of 2012

  • John Deere Worksite Technologies: This system encompasses five John Deere technologies all packaged together to keep you constantly connected with your machinery and technician. The five technologies include JD Link (mentioned above), Fleet Care (which monitors machine health and offers maintenance suggestions), Service ADVISOR™ Remote (which allows repairs and diagnostics to be issued remotely), Payload Weighing (which alerts the opperator of load capacity) and Grade Control (which provides and exact estimates on necessary machine position).
  • Field Connect System: Watering can be the life or death of a crop and the Field Connect System is giving farmers better insight into what crops need. This system monitors moisture levels and feeds data into a web-based interface; it also helps you make timely irrigation decisions, alerts you when moisture levels are reaching full or refill points, and helps eliminate over-watering.

 The Best John Deere Innovations of 2012

These innovative products are only a few of the products Deere improved in 2012; other notable innovations include updated tractors, the advanced Disk Ripper for tillage season, and the John Deere B-wrap which preserves baled hay. As the demands of the agriculture, construction, and forestry evolve, Deere will strive to produce the most efficient products to fit those needs.

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