John Deere Dealer Auction Hosted by IronPlanet Today!

August 28, 2009

One of the unique sales methods John Deere dealers have at their disposal is to sell their used equipment in an online auction format leveraging The first event of this kind will occur Friday, August 28th, at 11:00 AM EDT!

This event is an absolute auction. What does this mean if you’re not familiar with the term “absolute auction”? An absolute auction means that the highest bid received on a unit will be sold to the bidder who placed the highest bid. The other type of auction is a “reserve auction”. In a reserve auction format, the seller will specify a dollar amount that the bidding prices much reach before the unit can be sold to the highest bidder.

How long will this auction last on Friday? Machines listed on the IronPlanet auction are sold in periods of ten minutes, so there isn’t any “waiting around” during the bidding period. The time when a unit is open for bidding is listed to the right of each unit on the catalog page.

Are the units listed for sale inspected? Yes! A great feature of this auction includes a detailed inspection report completed by IronPlanet on all of the machines listed in this sale. This detailed inspection report allows a bidder to review the features of a machine in detail and buy with confidence with IronPlanet’s exclusive IronClad Assurance Program.

Don’t miss an opportunity to bid and purchase any of the equipment listed on the auction this Friday that meets the needs of your operation! To view the listing of units on this sale click on this link: Simply click the ‘Register Now’ link on the IronPlanet website to register and click the ‘How to Buy’ link for detailed information on how to purchase units listed on IronPlanet!