Blind Tractor Enthusiast Restores John Deere Equipment With Expertise 

August 22, 2012

Restoring Tractors

John Deere enthusiasts come in all ages, shapes and sizes, as fans of the brand have acquired their love for the equipment for different reasons. While some people have used tractors on farms, others simply enjoy the shine of the green and yellow exterior of a specific model of the company’s machinery.

People who love the company’s equipment may also restore their favorite models, including a large number of John Deere enthusiasts who find older tractors and completely revive the machinery.

Some individuals possess a unique skill for restoring these older pieces of farm equipment, including one person who, according to the Fence Post, is able to work on vintage John Deere tractors without the use of his vision.

Bob Sherrard is a victim of the degenerative genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa, leaving the 79-year-old manblind after years of his sight deteriorating slowly. While his vision is no longer with him, the John Deere enthusiast has not stopped working on his favorite farm equipment.

Sherrard works out of an 81-year-old barn that is clean and neat to a point where one wonders if he is really without the ability to see. Though the process of finding the right tools and parts for the John Deere machines may seem tedious to some, he is able to find the exact item he needs due to a newly-found patience.

“I know how things are supposed to be,” Sherrard said when asked how he is able to still work on the farm equipment. “I used to be a fast worker, but I’ve learned patience.”

He has recently restored a 1945 John Deere tractor, and Bob has worked with his son-in-law on a number of projects, a process which has strengthened the friendship between the two tractor enthusiasts, according to the news outlet.

Bob and his son-in-law Alan belong to the Kansas and Oklahoma Steam and Gas Engine Club and take part in its annual show. He takes pride in the work that the organization does, and has taken on several restoration projects in order to prepare for events that the club attends.

According to the news outlet, Sherrard has restored more than 30 John Deere tractors over the years, ranging from the 1935 D model to the 1951 R diesel.

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