Ohio Auction Prices Wow Crowd

September 20, 2010

Oh my gosh!”

When the bidding hit $4,700 for the 1948 John Deere B tractor on United Country Walton Realy & Auction’s September 6th farm sale near Attica, Ohio, that “oh my gosh!” comment can be heard on the sale video. This is why I love auction video footage so much. Yes, I can provide you with auction sale price data, mountains and mountains of prices. But the prices in and of themselves don’t tell the whole story.

A honk of a pickup’s horn is important too.

When the bidding finally halted on the 1948 John Deere B tractor auctioneer Doug Walton cries out “Sold, $5,000“. Immediately you hear the horn of a nearby pickup. Folks just enjoy watching really nice condition used farm equipment sell on a great auction. And this was a fantastic farm auction. All the equipment was in excellent condition.

There are (3) pieces of equipment shown selling in the video above. First the 1948 John Deere B for $5,000, next a super nice 1977 John Deere 4430 tractor with 6,675 hours. It also sells for a very strong price. Last comes the most interesting item to me, a John Deere 7000 4R-36 corn planter. You may not believe what this little old planter sells for. Even if I told you, I’m guessing you still might not believe it.

Watch the video and believe.

Yep, a new record high auction sale price for a John Deere 7000 4R-36 corn planter, at least according the sale price data I’ve compiled in our www.Machinerypete.com web site, data that goes back 14+ years. Yes, planters continue to get bigger, more expensive and much more sophisticated with GPS technology, but still demand out there for older, smaller planters. Like this JD 7000 4R-36 sold on the September 6, 2010 farm auction near Attica, OH.

No question that since commodity prices perked up here recently, used farm equipment values have shot up. I’ve been seeing record high auction sale prices fall like dominoes the last 4-6 weeks. More to come. Stay tuned.

About Machinery Pete: Greg “Machinery Pete” Peterson has been working in the agricultural industry for 21 years and details agricultural equipment prices and trends at his website, Machinerypete.com. Greg also writes columns for Successful Farming magazine, Implement & Tractor magazine, Agriculture.com web site and also appears on the Machinery Show on RFD-TV.