John Deere 4440 Tractor Sells for $34,000 on Ohio Auction

November 17, 2010

Auctioneer Larry Wigton won the bet.

Days before his October 30, 2010 farm auction in central Ohio (Radnor, OH), Wigton was in the local cafe and visiting with the morning breakfast crowd. Talk turned to the very nice JD 4440 tractor with 3,301 hours for sale on Wigton’s October 30th sale.

“You won’t get more than $25,000 for it,” came one prediction. A friendly wager ensued. The prize? An eggs, bacon & toast breakfat at the cafe. Larry took a few more friendly breakfast bets. Good thing my friend Larry is in good shape, his cholestoral level might be rising a bit this month cashing in those breakfast bet winnings.

That JD 4440 tractor with 3,301 hours sold for $34,000. See for yourself in the Youtube video above.

Very nice condition JD 4440 tractors are really “hot” items on the used equipment market right now. Just Saturday (Nov. 13th) I was down in northeast Kansas filming a farm retirement auction by Younger Land & Auction Co. near Reserve, KS. A pair of “1 owner” 4440’s on this auction. How’d they sell?

1980 JD 4440 with 5,777 hours: $29,750

1978 JD 4440 with 5,454 hours: $27,500

Probably a few more breakfast wagers lost on these two Kansas 4440’s I think. But, like I said, 4440’s in very nice condition are just plain and simple bringing premium $$’s at auction here late in 2010.

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